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Mesh Bag. Sturdy metal zippier won't break during use. Reinforced seam is durable and won't come apart by rubbing. Handy zipper with nylon strip for you to hang and carry out. Thickened PVC Mesh are resistant to rubbing and can support heavy items.And oil and liquids won't leak through except the zipper.The mesh actually being fused into the clear plastic instead of lines painted into the material,which can sturdy and provide good protection. The four corners of the file bags are well-designed and are not as sharp as other suppliers, so they won't scratch the lining of your bags or fingers. Translucent material for quick check of goods. Collapsible & Soft material isn't stiff so that can easily bend or fold it for storage. Keep all of our things organized.

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88011A5 Mesh Bag - Extra Strong with Zipper 1243 x 195mm 12 per Pack

88012A4 Mesh Bag - Extra Strong with Zipper 329 x 250mm 12 per Pack

88013B4 Mesh Bag - Extra Strong with Zipper 385 x 285mm 12 per Pack

88014A3 Mesh Bag - Extra Strong with Zipper 315 x 450mm 12 per Pack

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