Brown Vinyl Tape | 48mm x 66m | 75mm x 66m | 48mm x 132m

Brown Vinyl Tape

Brown Vinyl Tape. Self- adhesive tape with PVC backing and natural rubber, resins and solvents adhesive base with excellent resistance, plasticity, adhesion, printability and mechanical characteristics, combined with silent unwinding. This tape is suitable for all packaging applications and traditional uses. The tape must be kept in dry place, at humidity level below 65%, preferably at a temperature between 15 °C and 25 °C . If the storage temperature is different, restore the tape back to the above level before using it. See below for dimensions.

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155348mm x 66m Brown Vinyl Tape - Case 36

155375mm x 66m Brown Vinyl Tape - Case 24

155348mm x 132m Brown Vinyl Tape - Case 36

156448mm x 66m White Vinyl Tape - Case 36

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