Aluminium Foil Tape - Solvent Adhesive

Aluminium Foil Tape

Aluminium Foil Tape - Solvent Adhesive. This metal tape is heat proof and very easy to apply, simply cut to desired length and stick. the silver foil tape is ideal for exhaust repairs, air duct tape repairs, HVAC uses, jewelry sticky tags and even art & crafts. The heat resistant tape is conductive and ensures a tight seal ensuring insulation to keep as much heat in as possible. See product information below for more details.

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Product Info

402338mm x 45.7m Aluminium Foil Tape - Case 32

402350mm x 45.7m Aluminium Foil Tape - Case 24

402375mm x 45.7m Aluminium Foil Tape - Case 16

4023100mm x 45.7m Aluminium Foil Tape - Case 12

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